Calling all pipers!

The first informal meeting for Northumberland Down Under 2018 has taken place on a deck in the sun of summery New Zealand. We realised far too late that we should have photographed this historic moment, but feel that this gives us an excuse to meet up again as soon as possible to provide you all with photographic evidence.

This year Helen and Ash are organising as they have in previous years, and if their excellent track record is anything to go on this tour will be something truly spectacular. Rowan Johnston is musical director and in charge of selecting and collating a variety of traditional and modern tunes for our concerts, in consultation with Helen and her extensive Northumbrian traditional knowledge. Nicole is helping out on the communications front.

Even thinking about the 2018 tour has made our excitement rise! Helen has talked to Neil who has promised that he will drive our bus come hell or high water which is a fantastic asset to us with his knowledge, tour guide information and general acceptance of all things Northumbrian.

The 2018 Tour will take place in some of New Zealand’s most stunning scenery – the Abel Tasman National Park with Awaroa Bay, the beach that New Zealanders bought for themselves, ruined and rebuilding Christchurch, the Marlborough Sounds, the Southern Alps, and everything in-between!

We ended up talking for hours and hours and getting each other more and more excited about this new tour. We might already be counting down the days… but we aren’t because it isn’t quite close enough yet. But we will be!

If you have anything you want us to address or discuss in these blog posts please email us to let us know:



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