New Zealand Coffee

As much as I love adventuring, friends, music, Northumbrian Smallpipes, jokes and bus rides, I also love coffee. I plan to make it a focus of the tour to locate the most delicious coffee in each area and then introduce this to all others on the tour. As some of you know New Zealand is famous for its ‘Flat White’  addition to the coffee aristocracy, which is a perfect blend of espresso, hot milk and foam. If anyone googles this and finds out that it was invented in Australia, please be aware that this is a scurrilous lie spread by the Australians jealous of our success, and is not to be repeated in gentle company.

I have already selflessly done some research of the Nelson area coffee scene and can report that there is some truly excellent coffee there! I particularly enjoyed Zumo coffee house in Nelson, however was told that the famous Pics Peanut Butter factory in Nelson offers tours at 10am weekdays – I strongly propose we check this out on the tour in the interests of public safety and peanut buttery goodness.

If you closely inspect the photograph below you will notice tour members carefully testing (at no regard to their own personal safety) the goodness of New Zealand food and drink, a tradition which I strongly intend to continue on the Tour 2018!



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