Christchurch – Street Art Central

Christchurch will be our start and final destination, so we will have a good chance to explore this city. And what a city! Christchurch is an old city with much heritage and history associated with it. However Christchurch experienced severe earthquakes since 2010, which have wreaked devastation over the city. Now almost unrecognisable as the city it was, Christchurch has found ways to embrace its new form. One of these ways is through street art, and Christchurch was recently recognised in Lonely Planet for its outstanding street art.

Other ways Christchurch has coped with the challenges of the past few years include creating transitional shopping and culture spaces, memorials for those who died in the earthquakes, the popping up of new and exciting food, art, musical, community and cultural events and spaces, and a general embracing the spirit and resilience of the residents and the city.

Although unlikely to experience an earthquake during our visit, Christchurch gives a glimpse into the New Zealand attitude, its strength, and its innovation and tendency to seize beautiful moments in chaos

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