Information for Pipers

Hi pipers!

This page is all for you, and will contain updates, information, music, planning details, YouTube videos and contact information to prepare and help you plan to come on the Northumberland Down Under Tour 2018!

Although an itinerary is not finalised as of yet it will likely occur between the 5th and 29th January 2018.

It will start in the Hawkes Bay and finish in Auckland at the Folk Festival.

Lots of details have yet to be organised but we know it will involve much playing and sightseeing in the southern part of the North Island of New Zealand. The wine growing regions will feature large, with trips to hot mineral springs, local towns and markets, beaches, the capital city of Wellington, hiking opportunities, the fruit bowl of New Zealand and much much more!

Northumbrian Pipers and their spouses are all welcome.

F sets will be the majority instruments, but others can be included.

Music will be sent out ASAP for adequate preparation.

Accommodation will be good budget and the lovely house of Helen and Ash, and travel will be in a mini bus.

Participants will pay their own costs but we shall endeavour to keep these to a minimum.

Performance skills, playing skills and good tunes will be honed, and there will be musical growth and development as well as friendships, adventure, exploration and concerts. 

We anticipate demand for spaces on this and note that spaces are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis only. We feel this creates the most fair process for people to express interest and come along.

We would like expressions of interest emailed to us as soon as possible so we can start planning.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Helen or Nicole at



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