Our Music

The largest gathering of Northumbrian Smallpiping musicians come together on the Northumberland Down Under Tour to display the unique and traditional Northumbrian Smallpipes music, Northumbrian traditions and songs.

The Northumberland Down Under Tour collates international musicians with the highest level of technical, musical, traditional and contemporary skills to produce an unmatched experience for audiences.

This is a very rare opportunity to see the best of the Northumbrian Pipes in New Zealand, and will be a very special evening of singing, toe tapping, music, ballads and enjoyment.

Our concerts include traditional music, more modern interpretations of traditional tunes, solos featuring duet playing of the Northumbrian Bagpipes, fiddles, vocals, maori tunes, and Scottish Small Pipes.

To get an idea of the experience the Northumberland Down Under Tour provides, please see our YouTube Page